Product Hunting / Research Criteria for Private Label Amazon.

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July 25, 2023



Use helium 10 and jungle scout. Product hunting/product research.

Price between 3-20 ( 25 % margin ):
Low-ticket products will help you in bleeding. When you launch the product, you must need at least 20 reviews (as per the helium listing analyzer). So you need to do giveaways and get reviews. People usually don’t think before purchasing low-ticket item products as compared to high-ticket item products.

From the top 10, 50% should have 5k revenue:  It means that the category you are selling has good potential.

From the top 10, there shouldn’t be more than 3-4 seller who has 1000+ reviews: Go with the category in which there are fewer giant sellers so that you can compete with them in term of price, and reviews.

Main keyword search volume should be 5K or more:  Keyword search volume shows that the product is being searched hence we get the ideal demand for the product.

Less Variable Product: less variation product means you don’t have to lock too many funds in variation.

Fragile: shouldn’t be glass or breakable or gated product Get easily broken during shipping leading to high returns and negative reviews.

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