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Muhammad Mustaqeem
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Amazon Private label 

Product hunting of portable blender.

we use the following criteria for product hunting. 
Use Helium 10 and Jungle Scout tool for product hunting.
1- 60% of sellers in the top 10 should not have 1000+ reviews. 
2- No Dominant Seller in the Top 10 ranked sellers 
3- Listing age should be old in order to reduce Chinese scam 
4- Price should be between 25-40 USD as low ticket products can be sold easily as compared to high ticket products.
5- No Fragile / Glass / Breakable product.
6- Product weight should be low in order to avoid high FBA charges

Product Validation

Read Customer reviews on different marketplaces such as amazon, eBay and walmart  and find the reason for bad reviews and made changes in our product.

we identified the issue of the Plastic bottle and 4-blade blender bottle issue. 

We decided to go with a BPA plastic bottle and a 6-blade blender.

Product Sourcing Services 

We go to Alibaba and find our product. filter out verified and Alibaba trade assurance sellers and start sending inquiries after reading reviews of sellers. 

order a sample and check it properly as this is the main process and key of e-commerce business. 

After this, we negotiate with suppliers, order inventory, and pay through Ali Baba Trade Assurance.

Listing Creation

Amazon Listing
Amazon product description portable blender

Note: Product listing showcase is in the knowledge of the client ( who owns the store ). we dont showcase or expose any information without clients permission

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