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Muhammad Mustaqeem
Muhammad Mustaqeem
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Maximizing Outreach with YAMM Cold Emailing: Insights from Muhammad Mustaqeem, Digital Marketer

Hey there! I’m Muhammad Mustaqeem, a digital marketer, and I’m excited to tell you about how I use YAMM, a cool tool, to make my cold emailing super effective.

What’s YAMM?

YAMM, or Yet Another Mail Merge, is a handy tool that works with Gmail. It helps me send personalized mass emails, which is perfect for reaching out to lots of people at once.

Making Cold Emailing Work

I use YAMM to send targeted cold emails to potential customers. By dividing them into groups and writing messages that speak to their interests, I get really good results. Most of the time, about 60-70% of people open my emails!

Impressive Numbers

With YAMM, almost everyone gets my emails, and very few bounce back – only about 10%. While it’s hard to know exactly how many people buy something after getting my email, I always make sure to include contact info so they can reach out if they’re interested.

Adding Value Every Step of the Way

By keeping my emails visible and engaging, I help businesses stay on people’s minds.

Yamm leads

we have an ample amount of leads so we did cold emailing through gmail using bulk emailing software ‘YAMM’.

we daily email 20-30 people and it helps us in brand recalling, getting new projects and getting recognition of old clients.

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Boosting Business with Cold Emails: Why It Works

Let me break down why cold emailing can be a game-changer for businesses like yours, whether you offer services or products.

For Service Businesses: Getting Personal, Getting Results

Imagine reaching out directly to potential clients who are a perfect fit for what you offer. Cold emailing does just that. It’s like sending a tailored message that speaks directly to their needs. This can open doors to new partnerships and long-term relationships that help your service-based business grow.

Why Product-Based Businesses Should Take Notice

Cold emailing isn’t just for services. If you sell products, it’s a powerful way to catch the eye of new customers. Picture showcasing your latest product in an email that grabs attention. It’s about getting people interested, clicking through, and eventually becoming loyal fans of your brand.

Making Connections That Matter

What’s cool about cold emailing is that it’s not just about sending random emails. It’s about crafting messages that people care about. By personalizing your emails and targeting the right audience, you can start real conversations that lead to big things for your business.

Using Data to Drive Success

As a digital marketer, I know the importance of using data to make smart decisions. With cold emailing, we can track what’s working and what’s not. This helps us keep improving our approach and finding new ways to grow your business.

Let’s Dive In, Together

In a world full of opportunities, cold emailing stands out as a way to unlock new growth for your business. Let’s team up and use this powerful tool to take your business to the next level. I’m here to help every step of the way.

Ready to Work Together


In today’s digital world, reaching people online is super important. With my skills in using YAMM for outreach, I can help your business grow. Let’s team up and make some magic happen!

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